Riding Tips

3 Tips For Riding Over Rocky(Sucky)Terrain

Real MEN know that life is not wine and roses, or in most men’s paradise beer & pizza. This is especially when it comes to mountaining biking off-road. Alot of things can happen and the main thing is to remain calm and cool.

The key to remaining calm and knowing these 3 tips.

Tip 1: Maintain MomentumDiamondback Overdrive

This may seem counterproductive and everyone’s; including myself’s; instinct is to either slow down or stop when ‘danger’ is perceived….

Could Lead To More Dangers

…However in reality slowing down or stopping can lead to attempting harder and often more ‘dangerous’ moves to navigate the terrian.

Use The ‘Slow-Go’ Method

…..By keeping momentum you do slow down at a more controlable pace due to the terrain itself. This allows you to better judge the speed needed to navigate the terrain. Instead of using a “Stop-Go’ method, you should use a ‘Slow-Go’ method…..

Go With The Flow

Allow the terrian to slow you enough to adjust the speed needed when needed. Go with the flow so to speak.

Tip 2: Keep That Head Up!

Keeping your head up is key for one SIMPLE REASON: Your EYES see. your helmet doesn’t (It can mount a kick ass camera though.) Learn to keep your head up and in front of the tire.

REAL Men Look Up

It saves you a lot of having to recover from injuries and REAL MEN DON’T WANT THAT! Men want to ACT badass, not be injured.

So keeping your head up is also useful to spot REAL possible dangers like falling off a cliff for example(Rather see that coming myself.).

Plan You Course Easier

You also can plan the course ahead with is critical to have an awesome time, have badass stories and not having to pay hospital bills (also awesome).

Tip 3: Don’t Change Course Midway ThroughDiamondback Overdrive 29 er

This happens to a lot of mountain bikers and it is partically instinctial. However when that is taken out of the equation a different picture emerges.

We Love Options

We humans loves to have options, it is what has helped us survive for so long. However that sometimes gets in the way and here is example of that.

Stay The Course

In rough(sucky) terrian you often risk injury by switching half way through, stay the course. There may be better ‘looking‘ options but you have to ‘cross over‘ to get to it. What if there is a root or hole in the middle?

Stay In The Line, You’ll Be Fine

I Like to use the phrase, “Stay In The Line, You’ll Be Fine” to help me when I get the urge to ‘cross over’. Now it may not work everytime, you may have to get out the way in certain situations, but that is for you to judge yourself. However don’t let fear be the deciding factor, let “Stay In Your Line. You’ll Be Fine” decide.

One Thing Last Thing….Diamondback Bikes, Diamondback Overdrive 29 er

Mountain biking is an awesome sport with lots of races, groups, and memories. The best part of riding in the wild is an awesome experience from a Real Men’s Mountain Bike. The bike itself is a symbol of man’s conquest over nature and for an awesome True Men’s Mountain Bike check out this Review.