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Top 3 Awesome Biking Destinations In America

Crested Butte, ColoradoDiamondback Bikes

Get ‘high’ in more then one way by seeing the wonderful sights of the Colorado Rockies. With amazing streams and overhanging trees the landscape takes your breath away.

Mountain Biking Birthplace

It’s considered one of the only two birthplaces of Mountain Biking. Just look at Trail 401 to see why it holds this title. For a really awesome reason why check out the Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadman’s Loop. That one will teach you a lesson no doubt.

Enjoy The Mountain Town

Don’t forget to check out the great beer and food that puts a smile on your face and a memory for the road at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

Downieville, CaliforniaDiamondback Overdrive 29 er

Get down with your trip in more ways then one in Downeville, California. The trees and terrain paint a destination of wonder and challenge. It is terrian that is tucked away in the Sierra Naveda Mountain range, you won’t come the trail in one day however….

500+ Mile Trail System

The trail system has over 500 miles and since you’re here in Downieville you are here to BIKE and that means Mountain Biking! This place is must for any serious hardcore mountain biker out there.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Land Of Enchantment

10,000 miles I bike I can hear the call of the hills upon the canyons high and the valleys low echo: “How can stay away?” My dreams are there where eagle flies, where mountains seem to touch the sky all asking “How can you stay away?” Yes welcome to the Land of Enchantment known as Santa Fe New Mexico, home of the wonderful Galiesteo Preserve.

One Of The Hardest Coursemountain bike

Biking through the preserve will give a nice ride and if you’re looking for a harder challenge check out La Tierra Torture Race Course. That course has that name for a good reason, BELIEVE me!

Something For Everyone

However there are other various trails of skill through Santa Fe, just try Dale Balls Trails or Winsor Trail. Which ever trails you pick or what ever difficulty the important thing is having fun, making memories and riding like a man!

One Last Thing…Diamondback Bikes, Diamondback Overdrive 29 er

One way to have fun, make memores and ride like a man is by having a mountain bike that can stand up to the task of riding all three of these locations. If you plan on doing these three area, you need a real man’s mountain bike. A Mountain bike that not only will be tested on these trails, but will CONQUER them! There is only a few bikes that can conquer these trails and a review for one of them is right HERE.