Diamondback Overdrive 29er Review

A Real Man’s Mountain Bike

When men think of a Mountain Bike they think of certain features and qualities.

Qualities That Men Want In A Men’s Mountain Bike

These qualities range fromDiamondback Bikes, Diamondback Overdrive 29 er

  • Suspension Styles,
  • Suspension Fork Styles,
  • ‘Ride Ready’,
  • Tires,
  • and More….

However men everywhere agree that a Real man’s mountain Bike must have a sturdy foundation.

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Frame

The Diamondback Overdrive 29er answers a man’s need for a sturdy foundation by having both strength and light weight properties built into the 6061-T6 Aluminum Frame.

Diamondback 29er Overdrive Diamond Overdriver 29 er PriceHand-Built Aluminum Frame

The Frame is aluminum alloy that is handbuilt to withstand all the strains of being a mountain bike, more importantly a men’s mountain bike. With an excellent light-weight and strong frame in place that pleases any real man…

A man’s mountain bike must have suspension that can handle anything the man rides under.

100mm Front Suspension

The Diamondback 29er Overdrive again answers the call by having 100mm front suspension. Ride in comfort as the suspension is complimented by SR Suntour XCT suspension fork that adds the element of precision driving.

The Suspension must be accompanied by an outstanding Suspension Fork that can handle anything a man throws at it while riding.

Diamondback Overdrive 29er’s Suspension Fork FeaturesDiamondback Overdrive Review, Mountain Bike

  • This suspension fork has a lockout feature that enables you to maximize power transfers in situations such as climbing, or riding on smooth asphalt.
  • A welcome bonus that adds to the precision driving when navagating rough terrain off road.
  • The fork also has the ability to adjust the suspension via an external preload adjustment dial.

Men’s Checklist

An Excellent Frame, Outstanding Suspension and Suspension Fork, now what about a….

29 inch Wheel Base!

    • The Diamondback Bike’s 29 inch Wheels gives creedence to ‘Bigger is Better’, a motto every man loves to live by:
      • Bigger Trucks, Bigger Paychecks, Bigger Houses and now Bigger Bike Tires!
  • These tires help insure a smooth ride over even the most bumpy of off-roading adventures.
  • Bigger Tires Supported By Better Rims
    • Add to that the SL & aluminum double-wall rims. These rims are designed to hold up the ‘Bigger is Better’ Men Motto by making it the Diamondback Overdrive a dependable mountain bike with a Manly set of wheels.

Adding To The Checklist…Diamondback Bikes

Amazing Frame, Excellent Suspension, Suspension Fork, Motto-Driven Wheels & Rims, Now is it does have a…..

Ride Ready Feature

The Diamondback Overdrive comes shipped in an oversized packaged ‘Ride Ready‘.

  • Time To Play CAVEMAN!Diamondback Bikes
    • Once your Men’s Mountain Bike arrives you get to play ‘Cave Man’ by tearing through the cardboard tomb that encases your ‘brand-new toy’.
    • All the sounds, grunting, and anticipation all come to ahead when you hold your new toy in your hands and realize that it only needs…
  • Cave Man Assembly

… Well the Diamondback only has…

  • 4 Assembly StepsBest mountain Bikes, Men's Mountain Bikes
    • With you new toy in your hands it’s time to ‘assemble‘ it and get the ‘build credit’ from your friends. So ‘follow‘ the directions and assemble/Install the…
      • Install Seatpost
      • Attach Handlebars
      • Install Front Wheel
      • Install Pedals
  • Test Gears, Breaks & Make Sure It Functions Before Showing It Off
    • Once your done ‘building’ your bike, the first thing men want to do is take it out and show it off.
    • However what happens if it breaks down, your not a caveman anymore, you’re something else.
  • Avoid Being ‘something else’
    • Avoid being ‘something else make sure all the gears & brakes work, test it out in your man cave aka garage. After you know it works…

Go show it off to all your friends and brag that you ‘built it’ and be the Ideal Man.

Checklist Expanded…Diamondback Overdrive 29 er

Strong Frame, wicked Suspension, excellent Suspension Fork, Bigger Wheels, Better Rims, Play Caveman, let’s list the….

Pros & Cons

The Diamondback Overdrive 29er has several Pros and a few Cons and they are listed below.

ProsDiamondback Overdrive Review

  • 29 inch Wheels
  • 100mm front suspension
  • Suspension lock and preload
  • Reliable X4 Components
  • Light Aluminium Alloy Frame 6061-T6
  • Play Caveman


  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Entry-level components

What Are Other Men Saying About The Diamondback Overdrive…Diamondback Overdrive 29 er

“I got this mountain bike 2 weeks ago and let me tell you, it’s everything I need and more! My friends are jealous of my bike. This is a REAL Man’s Mountain Bike!” –Joe C.

“This bike just drives over the competition. Best mountain bike out there!’ –Jerry S.

“What is a man’s mountain bike, it’s the Diamondback Overdrive, that’s for SURE! No complaints at all, in fact this is the first mountain bike that I truely love. I love this bike!” –Glen H.

“I live in an wilderness area and up until now all the bikes I have gotten have failed the wilderness test. This bike CONQUERS the wilderness!” –Steve S.

Question Time

Is the Diamondback Overdrive 29er A True Man’s Mountain Bike…

Answer: Yes

Does the Diamondback Overdrive Meet Men’s Mountain Bike Standards…

Answer: Yes

Is it worth purchasing the Diamonfback Overdrive 29er Men’s Mountain Bike…


Bottom Linebest mountain bikes

The Diamondback is Ride Ready, Get Ready To PLAY CAVE MAN…

Fits The Men’s Motto of BIGGER iS BETTER…

Each Diamondback has a Hand-Built Frame…

Go anywhere with it’s On & Off-roading Capibilites

And Lead the Mountain Bike Pack by having a REAL Men’s mountain Bike!

Act NOW and Get A True Man Mountain Bike: Diamondback Overdrive 29er

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Every day you don’t That’s one less Day of Riding, Bragging & Playing Caveman

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Diamondback Overdrive 29er FAQ

Q: Is the Diamondback Overdrive 29er a good entry level mountain bike?

A: Not only is a good entry level mountain bike, it is an excellent mountain bike to start with.

Q: I’m getting this True Men’s Mountain Bike and I want to go to the best spots in the US, you know of any?

A: Yes I do, click the article “Top 3 Awesome Biking Destinations In AmericaHERE

Q: What is the Diamondback Mountain Bike Price?

A: it varies from seller to seller. However click on this link and get the best deal online right now!

Q: I bike on terrian that is really rocky and or sucks. Does your site have any tips on dealing with that?

A: Yes, in fact here is an article: “3 Tips For Riding Over Rocky(Sucky)Terrain“, just click HERE.

Q: I’m on a budget, is this the best budget mountain bike?

A; For the Features, including dependability, yes it is the best budget mountain bike. In fact click here and get an amazing deal.

Good luck, cheers to playing Caveman and Showing off your Brand New Toy!